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Free Farmville Money (or Free Farmville Cash [for Farmville 1 and Farmville 2] as well as Frontierville Cash) that's what everyone is searching for today! Well, I am going to show you how you can earn as much Free Farmville Cash you want, absolutely free without using a credit card! The P2S network is in town!

Does this actually work? Is it legal?

When you go on facebook to buy Free Farmville Money from the Farmville application, it asks you to purchase them to better your Farmville game right? Well, what I am going to show you involves a completely new system. The new GPT (get-paid-to) system pay their members from money from sponsors which then can be used to purchase Free Farmville Money. 100% legal, 100% free to you - it was even featured in NBC News! I will show you how it is done. THIS IS A PIECE OF CAKE!

Is there proof that this works?

Oh yes! There are over 2.2 million members now earning what they want for free including xbox games, Microsoft Points, Magic The Gathering Booster Packs, Free Frontierville horseshoes, and Free Farmville Money. You can earn practically anything you want from with this network!

The images on the side are what people have earned recently. The image at the top is a set of paypal cash outs which I then used to buy my Free Farmville Money and the second from the top is me ordering the Farmville Cash free! The cash out only took a few hours and my last one was instant as you can see from the list.

The only downside is that this system is only guaranteed to work for residents in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada (Although some parts of Europe have worked too recently).

Step 1: Sign up

Getting Free Farmville Money is actually really simple. You can earn practically anything from for free, legal, and without using a credit card.

Step 1: Share on Facebook so that your friends can earn Free Farmville Cash too!

Step 2: Let's Earn Some Free FV Cash!

*Step 2 will unlock after Step 1 is complete.
Click Here to Begin!
Click the button above to be taken to the website. Click the 'Join us' or 'Sign up' button there to register and fill our your desired username, password, and email address.

I recommend using your real email address (you can always make another at Yahoo, Aol, Hotmail, or Gmail) so that you can follow up on your rewards and perhaps get emailed other prizes such as Microsoft Points or anything else.

IMPORTANT: You need to be able to check your email after signing up, as they will send you an email after you sign up. Follow their simple directions in that email to validate your account.

Step 2: Do a quick and easy survey or offer:

Now that you are validated you are ready to start earning some rewards. This is the major bit... the bit where you will start to earn!
Earn Points and Cash
Log in and click the 'Earn Points' or 'Earn Cash' button at the top left of your screen. You will see this:
The Earn Points/Earn Cash Tab
Click the 'Free Offers' button. This will also include the 'Daily Surveys' here. Anything can be completed here, but surveys are the simplest this way - very easy.

Each offer and survey has comments, instructions and an approval rating. Find one that has approved a lot, and click that. Another window will appear so that you can do the survey. Follow the instructions and complete that survey. This can take anywhere from 30 seconds, to 15 minutes.

IMPORTANT: After completing, click 'Mark As Complete' back at the main website. This way your completion can be approved, and you can get your rewards.
To switch to cash rewards, instead of points, simply click 'switch to cash platform' at the top left.
Some of my recent earnings for Farmville Money and Farmville Cash! $50 USD gets 310 Farmville cash.
The video above shows someone using our system to get free Magic The Gathering Boosters!
Paypal to use on Farmville!
Me Getting my Farmville Cash!
Farmville Cash!

Step 3: Redeem your award!

This is why over 1.75 million members have joined this website. After you have received enough points or cash, you can now get your Free Farmville Money, Free Zooworld Wildlife Points, Free Magic The Gathering Boosters or Yugioh Boosters, Free Frontierville horseshoes, Free Xbox Games, or practically anything off of

Either click the 'Spend Points' or 'Spend Cash' button at the top of the page, or simply log into Farmville and use the free earnings you made with Paypal. Search for whatever you want or acquire the product directly. It is that easy.

The Prize!
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